Pencil Drawings

Pencil sketches and watercolour pencil drawings.

Bird,  blue
Pencil Drawing Audi Quattro Red
Ladybird Pencil Drawing
Drawing of Toucan
Meerkat in watercolour pencils
Blennerville Windmill, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Pencil drawing of County Kerry (Moll's Gap)
Pencil drawing based on life modelling cartoon
Pencil sketch of Yorkshire Terrier Murphy
Pencil sketch of colourful owl
Pencil sketch of baby Abigail
Christmas 2011
Pencil sketch of polar bear cub



Canvas based acrylic paintings.

Agapanthus flower heads
Agapanthus flower head (purple, 1 of 2)
Acrylic painting on box canvas of cairn terrier Teddy
Acrylic painting on box canvas of butterflies.
Lilac Orchids painted on box canvas. Acrylic paint.
Yellow Orchid. Acrylic painting on box canvas
Purple Orchid, acrylic painting on box canvas
Acrylic painting on box canvas of polar bear and santa
Street with Tucan
Showing silver paint on polar bear painting
Acrylic painting on box canvas of a poppy head



Designs for apparel and merchandise.

It's a sign. Beware of Wind. Crosswinds. Strongwinds.



Cartoon figures dressed in various outfits.

xKerryx Nurse (pose) with needle
xKerryx Schoolgirl Talk to the Hand
Artist at Work, life model pose
Life Drawing, Artist At Work
The Groom
Kerry Pregnant Cartoon
xKerryx Chef Digital Artwork
xKerryx Nurse Cartoon
St Valentines Day Meal, Oh Yummy, Cartoon
Irish Kerry
Kerry, Bride, Cartoon
xKerryx, Bride To Be, Digital Artwork
xKerryx Grid Girl, 13
Mermaid Kerry


Please remember that this artwork is protected by © copyright and may not be incorporated in your own work, projects or products without expressed written permission from Martin Balmer.

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