The following is guide to some of the terminology used by myself in relation to die-cast models and toys, particularly on eBay.

New Condition

An item I would describe as new is exactly that, new.  It will not have been removed from its box and displayed, even in a shop.  The item will have been inspected without breaking seals (where an item is sealed).  Ultimately the item and it’s packing will be in the condition that it arrived from the factory.

Limited Edition

This item was produced in an official limited number.  Depending on the manufacturer and era this may be indicated by an enclosed card in the box, a number on the models base or on a display stand if there is one.

Not all limited editions will be individually numbered but ‘limited edition’ will be indicated somewhere on the item or packaging.


The age or age group for which the item is most appropriate.  For toys this will be the manufacturers minimum age suitability.

Original Release Date

This is the date that the item was originally first released to retailers or otherwise put on sale. Unlike film and game releases which might have a publicized release day, generally collectible models and toys are put on the shop shelves as soon as  they arrive from manufacturers and retails.  Because of variations in the distribution channels this date tends to be an approximation, such as a month and year.

Original List Price

The original recommended retail price of the item as given by the manufacturer when the item was first released to retailers.  Later revisions to the recommended retail price may or not be reflected here but typically these would only occur if the manufacturer put the price up.  If an item was discounted, such as a sale or promotion, this would not change the recommended retail price.

The recommended retail price is a suggestion to retails as to what price to charge their customers for the item.  As you would expect, many retailers will price lower than this and some might price higher.

Desirable rare items might have a value that is much higher than the original list price.

Size and Scale

There is a separate guide to scales here.