Guinnea Pig pencil drawingIf you have seen my artwork and prints for sale, you’ll have seen that I draw a lot of animals and pets.

I am often asked if I will draw pets and other subjects.  In fact, I am always on the lookout for animal subjects to draw.

You can suggest your own dogs, cats or other pets through social media.  Simply send me a photograph or two of your pet on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and don’t forget to include your pet’s name and breed.

Missy, Cat Poppy, Springador, Dog

Depending on the response, suitability and quality of the photograph I will aim to draw as many as possible using watercolour pencils.


Prints of the drawing will be available to purchase. Usually there will also a option to purchase the original drawing.

There is no need or obligation to buy anything. You can see the drawing featured on my web site and shared on social media.

There is no limit on the number of different pet photographs that you send, provided that the photographs are your own. Typically pets will be featured in their own individual drawings. It all depends on what makes a good picture to be honest.

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Dog, Arthur, Watercolour Pencil

Good photographs feature a clear shot of your pet.  The resulting drawing may not match the exact pose of your pet.  Backgrounds will not be drawn.

Thank you!